Friday, June 3, 2011


Wilting beauty: One model hides her modesty with a leaf that looks like its seen better days
She's tasty: This piece by Chinese artist Ju Duoqi, made entirely out of cabbage, is entitled Nowa

Veggie Venus: 'Lili' is another of artist Ju Duoqi's wonderful creations

Raunchy: Nothing is left to the imagination in this piece entitled An

Hat's more like it: Ju uses fresh, withered, rotting, dried, pickled, boiled or fried cabbage to make her artwork

One tasty dish? The coquettish looking 'Sara' piece shows the level of intricacy involved in the artwork

Cool as a cucumber: The artist from Beijing must have been dicing for days to create this one

More than a flash in the pan: Artist Ju Duoqi admires great painters like Van Gogh and Da Vinci

Cabbage patch doll: One veggie model inspired by the Japanese harajuku style

My floret lady: The ethereal effect created with red cabbage



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